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BREWERY SYSTEM (continued..) With our solution you get a real-time view of what is happening in the field, via two parts - A mobile app, which enables your employee to record, transmit and receive location-specific data in real-time by simply scanning NFC/ RFID tags or Barcodes that are placed at your clients’ locations with their mobile phones. A cloud-based back-office system, which is accessible from any computer, tablet and smart phone with an Internet connection. It empowers you to monitor your employee and the progress of their work from anywhere, anytime. Features  Service installation orders . Details of service installations are available on the mobile app.  Merchandising products . Information about the tasks done in the field, such as product ordering, campaign execution and management. In places like supermarkets, arranging the product on the shelves or campaign message delivery to the bar owners can be reported in real time  Consumer solutions . We can provide location information points to capture consumer information and provide the consumer with more information  Beer & beverage quality . Use the mobile app to record real time information about the beer quality post installation and sanitisation.  Customer Feedback . Real-time capture of employee feedback during service, emergency call-outs or installations.  Asset Tracking . Using RFID / Bar codes to keep track of expensive assets in bars, pubs and restaurants  Sanitisation planning & delivery . to plan record and monitor the sanitisation of beer lines.  KPI's . To monitor those key elements of your business process as captured in the field.  GPS Tracking . Map based systems to help you know where your field service staff are and who is nearest the next job. w: e: t: 0845 643 4898 Click the picture to view the video Communication when it matters most