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w: e: t: 0845 643 4898 Communication when it matters most SoloAdvance - Security Guards SoloAdvance for Security Guards is an easy-to-use mobile phone proof-of-attendance solution that can be configured to suit the requirements of both the security company and its clients. By touching pre-positioned RFID tags with their mobile phone, proof of a guards' attendance at a particular location, and at a particular time, is instantly recorded. After registering their location, the system can also present the guard with a list of context sensitive options on their phone - options that may be related to the type of location or perhaps the specific customer. For example they can select to report an incident or record the status of their visit. Other reporting options could allow a mobile guard to record the condition of their vehicle (lights, tyres, etc) or a supervisor to record quality of service details. The security guard needs to carry only one device, a mobile phone, in order to confirm where he is, for how long, and what incidents occurred while he was there. The need for telephone "check-ins" and PIN numbers is removed. The security company no longer has to install special on-site data-collection equipment and time-consuming and error-prone manual form-filling is greatly reduced. The security company thus collects in-field data quickly and accurately, helping them provide a better and more efficient service to their clients and giving them immediate visibility of field events logged by guards. Web-browser based reports and enquiries allow both managers and clients to access real-time information about guard activities and current service levels.