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w: e: t: 0845 643 4898 Communication when it matters most SoloAttend - Time & Attendance Mobile-e-Solutions Limited’s mobile phone Time & Attendance solution (SoloAttend) provides guaranteed proof that an employee was present at a location at a particular time. It allows the recording of context-specific data that is relevant to that location - for example, going in/out when at a door, the odometer reading when in a vehicle, or job-related information when at a customer site. Put a "clocking machine" anywhere you like! Our solution turns an RFID tag into a clocking machine - a very affordable clocking machine that can be placed anywhere your employees visit or record data - at customer locations, suppliers, offices, warehouses, in vehicles, etc. They simply touch the tag with their mobile phone to give you an instant record of their presence - WHO, WHERE and WHEN. WHAT were they doing there? The RFID tag could be "touch & go" - you now have proof they attended and no other user input is necessary. Alternatively, you could have configured certain types of tags - for example, tags at customers - to request specific data to be entered. Maybe a Job number, status, type of work they are doing, etc. "Tag comes to phone" It is also possible to operate in the opposite scenario whereby the tag (an ID tag, such as a key fob) is used to touch the phone. A typical example would be construction workers, each with a tag that identifies them, touching their supervisors or site guards phone to record coming on or off site.