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w: e: t: 0845 643 4898 Communication when it matters most SoloRemote - LONE WORKER PROTECTION SoloRemote is a key feature of the general Solo system and is designed specifically to help keep your lone workers safe and secure whilst they are out and about on company business. Passive Alerts Passive alerts allow your staff to set up unusual or hazardous tasks on their mobile phone whilst they are at a location. They simply record details of what they are about to do and for how long and activate the monitoring process. If they do not return to that location within their specified time and record that they are safe, then the system automatically alerts your alarm response centre that there could be a problem. This gives the staff at the ARC time and sufficient information to check on the employee and summon emergency services as and if required. Panic Alerts Panic alerts are simply that – the worker simply touches his panic alert tag with his phone to immediately send an alert to the ARC and automatically dial a predesignated number for support. Appointment Monitoring In addition to panic and passive alerts, you can build in mission critical appointments within the system. This describes specifically where a worker should be, what he/she should be doing there and more importantly, when it should happen. If staff fail to turn up at any of these appointments on time, then alerts will be sent out to the alarm response centre. This allows management to (a) contact staff to check on their well being and (b) be proactive and inform the ‘appointee’ that there may be a delay in someone arriving.