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w: e: t: 0845 643 4898 Communication when it matters most Business Applications Solo has been designed for a wide variety of industry applications, to satisfy the requirements of almost any service or industrial organisation. From maintaining assets at clients premises through monitoring sales reps to the recording of the well-being of residents in care homes. Solo is easy to tailor to the exact needs of the business. Our solutions are used in many specific sectors such as Security Guarding, Contract Cleaning or Domiciliary Homecare as well as more generic uses such as Time & Attendance and Field Service. Our product Solo, based around the Reslink Solutions system, provides a number of configurations to suit every situation for a mobile workforce: - • SoloRemote – for lone and remote workers • SoloAdvance – for multi-site operations with many workers and supervisors • SoloAttend – a remote ‘clocking in’ type scenario • SoloCustom – custom build the application for each business The following are examples of some industry applications where our mobile phone solutions are used:- • Asset Management & Asset Tracking • Contract Cleaning • Domiciliary Homecare • Field Service Engineers • Security Guarding & Patrols In addition Solo provides solutions for: - • Mobile Time & Attendance • Remote Data Capture • Lone Worker Protection • Job Maintenance • Scheduling and Planning