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w: e: t: 0845 643 4898 Communication when it matters most SoloAdvance - Domiciliary Homecare SoloAdvance for home care workers gives guaranteed proof-ofcarer-visit at your Service Users home, simply by them touching a pre-placed RFID tag with their mobile phone. Forget manual forms, automated telephone check-ins or having to use special PDA devices. Just attach an RFID tag inside or outside the client's home and when the carer touches it with their phone you will have an instant record of their attendance. This "touch & go" functionality may be all you need to prove the carer was somewhere at a certain time. However, our solution can also display menu options on the phone to enable the carer to record and send additional data to your operational systems. This could include information such as failure to gain entry, or the type of work they did, any incidents they wish to note about the client, or the client's current general well-being. All phone options are totally configurable to whatever your data capture requirements are. You can also configure the system to give tags "contexts" so that, for example, when the carer visits a "pensioner" tag, they are given a different set of phone options to when they visit a "newborn child" or an "at-risk" young person. We make it easy to create and amend phone functionality and mass-distribute it over-the-air to different groups of carers, allowing you to obtain real-time data that can be fed straight into your operational databases about WHO they are, WHERE they are, WHEN, and WHAT they are doing there.